Get Ready for Embrace Change 2023

Fall programming is focused on parents embracing the transition period that they encounter as children leave the nest.  Parents will connect with others experiencing the same transition, explore what’s next, and have opportunities to design their personal path for this new stage of life.  It’s fun, interactive and full of dialogue and engaging activities. Our fall programming includes visits from life coaches, career development experts, self-care and health-care professionals.  The series of programs is set up to promote a smooth transition. Fall programs meet once a week for 4 weeks. This program series is free.  Materials fee is $50

“Participating in the discussions at Embrace Change has made me feel more empowered and excited to transition into this new phase of my life. With a thoughtful program and a series of inspiring speakers, Embrace Change has helped me to look at new possibilities and to prepare for future opportunities.” Liz S    

Fall Program Series 2022

Day Series
Wednesday’s September 6, 13, 20 and 27.
Time:  1:00-3:00 p.m.
The Pierce House, 17 Weston Rd. Lincoln, MA
Registration required. Space is limited.

Sept 6–Week 1 Navigating Transitions through Productive Communication with Adult Children
Guest speaker: Teresa Simonelli PsyaD

As emerging young adults return to school, work and travel, or not, parents are experiencing a new set of transitions to navigate.  Join us as Dr. Teresa Siomonelli shares how we can positively address our concerns, emotions and transitions by using productive communication skills with young adults. Program Note: A Welcome Tea will take place from 1:00-1:30 p.m. to celebrate the beginning of the Embrace Change Fall Program Series.  Come and meet our team and get to know other attendees before our program begins.  Program 1 will immediately follow.

Sept 13-Week 2 What’s Next:  Finding Your Purpose, Designing Your Journey

As we adapt and adjust to life without children at home, we as parents may reassess our personal satisfaction with how we spend our time and contemplate what might be next.This week we will Immerse ourselves in engaging exercises and activities, that help us to design and/or redefine our own lives.  You will leave with goals and a map to chart your own path and personal journey. 

Week 3- Sept. 20 Expanding Your Horizons: Delving into New Activities and Careers

This week we’ll engage in personalized exploration of activities and careers, then hear from several guests who have changed careers and explored new interests after their children left home.  We will discuss what methods worked for them, the changes they made and how their lives were affected. We’ll share resources and tools to help explore the many opportunities that lie ahead as you design and redefine this exciting stage of your life.

Week 4-Sept. 27 Ready, Set, Go and It’s all about Relationships

The empty nest phase coincides with many life transitions.  We’ll discuss how to increase the quality of our relationships and set healthy boundaries. We’ll share tips on how to care for aging parents while taking care of oneself and ones family, and participants will leave prepared for that sometimes awkward question, “So what are you doing now?”, as Patty Levy, Career and Leadership Coach, jump-starts each participants own distinctive elevator pitch. 

Directions: Turn into the driveway at 17 Weston Rd.Lincoln, MA.  Follow the scenic park like driveway until it turns left, then park on the circular driveway.  Make your way to the front door and we’ll meet inside the gorgeous Georgian Style historic home.

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