In times like these, when there are so many unknowns, we may begin to feel stress, anxiety or simply out-of-sorts. It is not unusual. One action we can take at this very moment to help ourselves and our family members, is to establish a daily routine.

Routine has been shown to alleviate depression, ADHD and insomnia, and a routine helps to decrease stress in difficult times. For children, the predictability of routine helps them to feel secure in their environment.

A regular wake and sleep routine allows us to sleep better and helps our bodies find rhythm. Routine frees our mind, so we can focus on important tasks at hand. A routine can provide security and anchor us in times of unknowns.

What items might we include in our routine?

A Sleep/wake schedule
Meal and snack times
A variety of exercise
Regular communication with others
Daily Work or home responsibilities
Time to plan

Simply begin with a list of things you do everyday. Prioritize that list. Create a block schedule. I like 30 minutes increments, but do what works best for you. You can create a schedule on your computer, use the Calendar app. or find a template online.

Just a few hints:
Designate a little more time for each item than you think you may need.
Re-evaluate your routine each day initially and once established, weekly.
After a week, vary the routine a bit to prevent becoming bored.
*Make sure you start and end your day with something you look forward to doing.

We wish you the best,

Debbie and the Embrace Change Team